How to download & Install APKs from Apkwhale

Step 1: Go to APKWHALE ( and look for the app you want to install.

Step 2: When you’ve found the app, you’re looking for in the version you require, simply tap the download icon provided below Download link section.

Step 3: It will take you to the next page, where the APK download will begin automatically. If your download does not begin automatically, select the option to click here.

Step 4: open the downloaded .apk file.
Note: You must discover a method of opening the file after downloading it. If you’re using Chrome, for instance, you can tap the download notification at the bottom of the screen, but depending on your browser, you might also need to tap a download notification in your status bar or use a file manager to find and manually open the file where you downloaded it.

Step 5: You’re pretty much done when you tap “Install” to continue.

Note:  Your browser may ask you if you’d like to save the file and may also issue a warning that the file format or extension may be hazardous. You can allow it if you’re willing to believe APKWhale to be a reliable source.