Brilliant Premium (Unlocked) 


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Aug 22, 2022
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Brilliant Premium (Unlocked)

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Types of MODs: What are the different types of mods and what are their benefits?

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Advantages of a MOD

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MODs have been around for a while and they continue to grow in popularity. They are small, battery-powered devices that allow you to customize your smartphone or tablet experience. There are many reasons why you might want to use a MOD. They can give you more control over your device, make it look better, and increase performance. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your MOD:

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What's new

- Fixes a couple crashes
- Added interactive solvables! Some quizzes now have really cool interactive elements built in, with more on the way.
- Rebuilt quiz screens
- Improved offline mode detection
- Improved support section
- Improved search and community UI
- Fixed a few broken app links
- Performance improvements
- Fixed discounts not working properly
- Fixed an issue with data not syncing properly

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105 comments on "Brilliant Premium (Unlocked)"

  1. Priyanshu Rai says:

    Hi developers
    This app (Brilliant) isn’t really the premium.
    The ‘get premium’ tab has been removed but the actual glitch is in courses, where the premium is meant to be. The later chapters of every course are still unlocked that means it isn’t the premium version. Check it yourself. Select any course and click on the later chapters. They are still locked!!!

  2. farzin says:

    Hi, is this app really unlocked or no?

  3. daniel says:

    Few things are not unlocked! Please check! else everything is working fine thank

  4. Vit says:

    Thanks for making education accessible for everyone. Could you do the latest version (5.0.0.), please?

  5. Nga Lynn says:

    This app isn’t unlocked premium.Could you update Sir?.I am waiting for your kindness. Thank you.

  6. Ethan says:

    This app is not working the premium content is still locked help

  7. Umang says:

    In this app which premium courses are completely unlocked??

  8. Đại Trần says:

    How can I get the unlocked apk? I downloaded link for the MOD but it didn’t work. Someone help pls, I really want this app.

  9. James Ryan says:

    Very nice

  10. Stephanie Black says:

    Update the version please

  11. Mip says:

    Hi! Not all courses are completely unlocked :c
    Thanks in advance

  12. Liger says:

    This is still crashing, could you please fix?

  13. William Hull says:

    Thank you so much for this app. Works smooth 🙂

  14. Kevin Arnold says:

    When you are going to upload the latest mod? In what interval did the new updates came for rise of kingdoms?

  15. Peter Rogers says:

    Not work for me any suggest?

  16. Colleen Bass says:


  17. Angela Russell says:

    It says out of date needs to be updated… I’m going through withdrawal lol

  18. Maki says:

    Hey, how should I login?

  19. Coboliste says:

    The courses are unlocked but I can not access to them, any help ? Thank you.

  20. Om says:

    It crashes as soon as I open premium courses

  21. Stacy Newton says:

    Unable to fetch data

  22. Ryan Howard says:

    Hi, do I need to uninstall my current game apk and reinstall the apk downloaded from here? And also removed my obb folder with the one posted in this web.? As I cannot to get it work by only replacing the obb folder. Any help will be great. Thank you.

  23. Sierra Thomas says:

    Need update to version 6.30 please

  24. Ann Armstrong says:

    when will be the definitive version be release sir ??

  25. Harold Chavez says:

    Hello is this working right now?

  26. Melissa Zhang says:

    Thanks for the mod

  27. Erica Meyer says:

    Working fine for me!

  28. Rebecca Carey says:

    Is this already fixed??

  29. Aaron Garcia says:

    please update the mod

  30. Jawhaa says:

    App is cant installing please check it😉 thank you.

  31. Anthony House says:

    Bro please get the premium in new version too.

  32. Joseph Fleming says:

    Thenks apkwhale

  33. Joseph Nelson says:

    Hey, thank you apkwhale team

  34. Patricia Diaz says:

    Did you updated the MOD

  35. Amanda Hill says:

    admin, thanks

  36. Ashley Wagner says:

    Same for me. Bythe time updated we are getting another version 🙁

  37. Nancy Miller says:

    Apkwhale, when will the apk available which can be used with the newest version of bluestack?

  38. Amber May says:

    Please update headball 2 mod

  39. Lisa King says:

    Unlimited stars means ?

    Actually I’m a bit confused

  40. Crystal Hurley says:

    How long for the update sir…!!

  41. Ryan Fernandez says:

    worked! Thank you

  42. Jacob Winters says:

    WOW. This premium is actually working.

  43. nnamerz says:

    File not found. Is there an updated URL?

  44. nnamerz says:

    Thanks for releasing this but the URL says file not found. Is there an updated URL?

  45. M says:

    This is just does not work

    • Apkwhale says:

      Thank you for your valuable feedback, We have sent this app to the review system and they will update it as soon as possible. Regards.

  46. M says:

    This is just does not work

    • Apkwhale says:

      Thank you for your valuable feedback, We have sent this app to the review system and they will update it as soon as possible. Regards.

  47. Hoang says:

    Hello, Please make it work again!

    • Apkwhale says:

      Thank you for your valuable feedback, We have sent this app to the review system and they will update it as soon as possible. Regards.

  48. Apkwhale says:

    test comment

  49. Puahahah ridiculouams says:


  50. Daniel says:

    It says file not found

    • Apkwhale says:

      Thank you for your feedback, We apologise for the issues caused. We are still trying for the latest version, We will update it as soon as we have something.

  51. Manase Aloo says:

    Isn’t unlocked

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